“The System Failed Larry Nassar’s Victims”

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The System Failed Larry Nassar’s Victims

Survivor Aly Raisman addresses her abuser in court. IMAGE: CNN/Youtube

Dear Editor,

The so-called system completely FAILED these victims.

Larry Nassar did this for 20 years and the people in place turned a blind eye to it all.

The university had reports for years and just had him continue “with supervision” which was ignored and not enforced.

The Meridian township police and Michigan State University campus police had received reports and did nothing or refused to prosecute.

The campus board of trustees were aware of it along with the athletic department and the medical department.

The Ingham Co. prosecutor was aware of it and failed to take action sooner.

What the hell took so long?

The NCAA was aware of the many sex crimes occurring by and to athletes at MSU as early as 2010 and did nothing.

Now the NCAA, the university, the Department of Justice, the US Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, and others are just starting their investigations.

What the hell took so long? While you ALL stood on the sidelines and did NOTHING, a minimum of 150 women were raped and/or molested routinely.

These victims were adversely impacted for the rest of their lives by this complete failure of all agencies who should have taken a stand and done something much, much sooner.

All during the sentencing phase, and prior to, the university was unapologetic for their miserable failure.

You all circled the wagons and protected each other and the university.

Only after the sentencing did the board of trustees issue an apology. Way too little and way too late.

If you think my comments are off base or harsh, ask the students and the people around the college about the well known “rape trail” on campus.

The trustees should resign as well as others who were complicit. Your inactions and protective silence are reprehensible.

I have no doubt that other universities are having similar issues and they too are covering it up to protect themselves. Their failures just haven’t come to light yet.

Maybe the victims of these other universities will now have the courage to come forward and make a difference.


Name withheld

This commentary originally appeared in the comments section of the HEADLINE HEALTH story, Serial Pervert Dr. Nassar Blames Everyone But Himself