Surgeon: How I Sewed John Wayne Bobbitt’s Penis Back On

“It came to us just in a bag of ice, concealed in a brown paper hot dog bag.”

“It came to us in brown paper hot dog bag.”

| New York Post – It’s been nearly 25 years and urological surgeon Dr. James Sehn can still picture the day he met John Wayne Bobbitt.

“They said, ‘we’ve got this guy here whose penis has been cut off. Can you come down and put it back on?’” Sehn recalls in the aptly titled “20/20” special “The Bobbitts: Love Hurts,” which is set to air Friday.

“It came to us just in a bag of ice, concealed in a brown paper hot dog bag,” he said. “It really takes your breath away to see this kind of disfigurement.”

Sehn told ABC News that Bobbitt lost a third of his blood before going under the knife.

Bobbitt’s wife, Lorena, had just hacked off the 26-year-old’s penis while he slept, and she fled their apartment — later tossing “it” out the window as she drove away.

“There is no way we’re going to find it,” former Police Officer Kim Chinn recalled. “And they did, just within a few minutes.”

The surgery went off without a hitch, and Bobbitt went on to use his famous phallus in porno films and behind closed doors.

“It was the happiest day of my life,” said the 51-year-old. “It’s like opening Christmas presents on Christmas Day and you’re a little kid…I was excited.” Read more. 

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