Summer Fun On Tap With Less Alcohol, Calories

Best light beers NOT named Bud, Coors, Miller, or Mick

(Headline Health) A great way to enjoy summer is to avoid being bogged down with too much alcohol, calories, and carbs.

The best-selling light beers need no introduction or explanation – you already know the score on Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, and the one that started it all, Miller Lite.

We checked the lifestyle site UPROXX for recommendations on light beer options with a bit more personality.

After knocking out the above mentioned mass-market bestsellers, we were left with a Top 5 list of worthy light beer options for summer.

(Zack Johnston, UPROXX) It’s easy to dismiss light beer in a world where craft beers get all the attention. But that would mean dismissing the fact that people drink light beers far more than any craft beer.

Light beer has fewer calories and lower ABVs. So, what then are the best light beers in America?

Here’s a list of some of the beers that are worth our attention when it comes to staying on the lighter side.

5. Yuengling Light

Yuengling Light is actually a lighter lager than Michelob. It clocks in a 3.8 percent ABV. As far as tradition goes, it’s from the oldest brewery in America.

4. Corona Light

Corona and Corona Light holds a sweet spot in beer culture. Who doesn’t want to escape to a Mexican beach every time they pop that lime into the sudsy Corona?

3. Amstel Light

Tasty Amstel Light clocks in at a very low 3.5 percent ABV making it very drinkable and very not hangover-inducing. The Dutch brew also has a little more heft than the light American counterparts. So while you’re getting very low ABVs, you’re also getting a little more tastewise.

2. Heineken Light

Heineken Light also hails from The Netherlands but leans more towards the American light beer style. The ABVs vary here from 3.3 to 4.2 percent depending on which state you’re in. So, make sure to check the label as that’s a big difference. If you don’t check, your mornings might get a little dicey.

1. Sam Adams Light

The independent brewer Sam Adams is a national icon these days. The four percent ABV is countered by a higher calorie count at 119. It’s also a heftier beer than all the other lights on the list. If you dig on Sam Adams, this is the light just for you. Original source. 

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