Subway, Olive Garden, McD’s Beef Rated – Guess Who Got An F?

Mike Mozart, CC BY 2.0

Mashable – When you eat beef from a cow or steer given antibiotics, it could make you less resistant to certain diseases.

A new report rates top U.S. restaurant chains on their commitments to reduce antibiotic use in beef.

Make sure to check out where each restaurant stands before your next burger craving hits.

Chipotle: A

The Mexican grill restaurant regularly conducts internal audits of their beef supplies, including annual farm inspections.

In 2018, more than one-third of Chipotle’s beef was certified by either Certified Humane or Global Animal Partnership, which both ensure animal welfare standards.

Chipotle reported about half of the beef it served in its U.S. restaurants comes from 100 percent grass-fed producers.

Panera: A-

Panera reported that 100 percent of its beef is pasture-raised, grass-fed and grass-finished in 2019.

McDonald’s: C

McDonald’s, the single-largest purchaser of beef, moved up from a F in last year’s beef scorecard to a C, given its new policy that echoes WHO guidelines on use of antibiotics in livestock.

Subway: C

In 2015, Subway committed to providing antibiotic-free beef for U.S. restaurants by 2025. But it hasn’t made any progress toward this goal yet.

This year, Subway updated their antibiotics policy to follow WHO’s guidelines.

This policy change helped earn Subway a C but it’s important to see if it will put its promises into action.

Wendy’s: D+

Wendy’s reported that it currently gets 30 percent of its beef from producers that have cut tylosin, a medically important antibiotic, by 20 percent, the report says.

Wendy’s received the “Biggest Wanna-be” superlative, given its efforts to publicize small changes to antibiotic use in its beef.

Taco Bell: D

Taco Bell does not have a general policy addressing its antibiotic use in beef.

These chains didn’t return surveys sent to them to learn about their antibiotic policies. They got an F.

Starbucks, Burger King, Domino’s, Sonic, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Little Caesars, Arby’s, Chili’s, Panda Express, Pizza Hut, Applebee’s, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, IHOP. Read more.