Subway Has Closed 2,300 Failed Stores…

… and they do NOT want to talk about it |

Nov 11, 2019 |

Fox Business – Subway franchisees will now have to take additional steps before closing their stores in an apparent bid by the restaurant chain to prolong the process and delay the rate of closings, according to a report.

The sandwich chain has instituted a new policy mandating that store owners who opt not to re-sign their five-year leases complete a questionnaire and work with a headquarters-based committee regarding their decision, the New York Post reported.

The change has been instituted after more than 2,300 Subway franchise locations were shuttered in the past three years.

“The brakes are on to stop the closures,” a former territory manager told the Post. “The company is coming to its senses and realizing that every store is valuable.”

A spokesperson for Subway told the outlet the procedural changes were intended to assist the troubled store owners who are looking to find new owners.

“Subway places a tremendous value on its network of small-business owners,” the spokesperson told the Post. “And as such, aims to ensure viable Subway locations remain open. We help franchise owners find buyers for their restaurants whenever possible …”

Subway did not return FOX Business’ request for comment.

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