Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Booked For Domestic Violence

“Intimate Partner Violence is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of Americans. The term covers physical, sexual, or psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse.”

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

NPR – Michael Avenatti was booked Wednesday on felony domestic violence after police took a report on Tuesday of the alleged incident. He was released on $50,000 bail.

Police say the incident occurred at a Beverly Hills residence.

TMZ initially said that Avenatti’s estranged wife, Lisa Storie-Avenatti, was involved, but it backed off its reporting after her attorneys issued a denial.

President Trump has previously described Avenatti as “looking for attention” and a “total low-life.”

“I have never been physically abusive in my life nor was I last night. Any accusations to the contrary are fabricated and meant to do harm to my reputation. I look forward to being fully exonerated,” Avenatti said a statement.

Avenatti has also represented Julie Swetnick, who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

“I am not going to be intimidated from stopping what I am doing,” he told reporters outside of an LAPD station.

Avenatti has suggested he might make a run for the White House in 2020 as a Democrat. Read more.

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Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested

BBC – Michael Avenatti, lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels in her suit against President Donald Trump, has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, police in Los Angeles say. [Ex-Porn Star Opens Up About Her New Life]

The woman who made the allegations had “visible injuries” including bruises, according to an unnamed law enforcement official quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

Mr. Avenatti’s estranged wife, Lisa Storie Avenatti, gave a statement to the broadcaster NBC saying he had never been violent to her.

His first wife, Christine Avenatti-Carlin, also issued a statement on Wednesday, saying she had known Mr. Avenatti for 26 years and describing him as “a loving, kind father to our two daughters”.

“He has never been abusive to me or anyone else. He is a very good man,” she said.

A frequent guest on TV talk shows and news programmes, Mr. Avenatti has emerged as a fierce critic of President Trump, the BBC’s David Willis in Los Angeles says.

At one point Mr. Avenatti was publicly contemplating running for president himself in 2020, our correspondent adds. Read more. Image: screenshot, BBC.


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