Stephen Colbert, Emma Stone: Stars Overcome By Wealth and Fame

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Stressed-out celebs pop pills, go to therapy; PLUS, How real people handle stress 

US Weekly – Anxiety. You know the feeling. And as it turns out, so do many celebrities.

More and more frequently, stars like Anne Hathaway, Kendall Jenner, and Stephen Colbert are opening up about one of the biggest mental health struggles of our time — whether they have anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic attacks and more.

Stephen Colbert – “crippling anxiety”

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert host revealed to Rolling Stone in August 2018 that he began suffering from crippling anxiety in 1993. “I had a bit of a nervous breakdown after I got married — kind of panic attacks,” he said. “My wife would go off to work and she’d come home…and I’d be walking around the couch. And she’s like, ‘How was your day?’

And I’d say, ‘You’re looking at it.’ Just tight circles around the couch.” Though he tried Xanax and liked it at first, he stopped after “like, nine days,” he said. Eventually, he discovered that performing in front of an audience and starting his own show saved him. “Creating something is what helped me from just spinning apart like an unweighted flywheel,” he noted. “And I haven’t stopped since.” 200 Drugs Named As Causes of Depression

Emma Stone – “panic attacks”

In August 2018, the Oscar winner revealed to Jennifer Lawrence in Elle that she started having panic attacks when she was 7. “I think your wiring is just kind of what you are,” she said. “My mom always says that I was born with my nerves outside of my body. But I’m lucky for the anxiety, because it also makes me high-energy.”

Therapy and improv acting helped Stone manage the condition, she noted at an October 2018 panel. As did the “very healing” act of talking about it, which helped her “own it and realize that this is something that is part of me, but it’s not who I am.” Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Struggle With Anxiety

Kendall Jenner – drug helps with anxiety

“Anxiety is all mental, so you have to try and find your ways around it,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said after she opened up about suffering from the condition in an episode of her family’s reality show. Some of the methods she’s tried: acupuncture, meditation and sound baths. ‘Forest Bathing’: Harness Nature to Boost Health

In January 2019, she also revealed she started using Proactive — and became a brand spokesperson — to help her with the anxiety her acne has caused her. Read more.  

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