Starbucks Seeks To Boost Employee Mental Health

Starbucks plans to improve US employees’ mental health benefits | Why Dunkin’ is better 

September 5, 2019

CNN Business – Starbucks is planning to improve mental health benefits for US employees in one of its latest bids to attract and retain talent in a tight labor market.

In a letter to employees Thursday, CEO Kevin Johnson announced the initiative along with others designed to improve employee productivity and engagement.

The announcement came as Starbucks hosted a massive leadership conference in Chicago, at which 12,000 store managers participated.

Although Starbucks (SBUX) did not announce any specific new benefits, it hopes to encourage more employees to take advantage of the company’s mental health care package.

And the company will engage employees to help tailor a new suite of benefits to their needs. Kids In These States May Now Skip School For “Mental Health Days”

Keeping partners — Starbucks’ term for employees — well and happy is critical to the company’s business.

To execute its ambitious expansion plan, the coffee company needs to hire rapidly.

That has been challenging for the entire retail and food service industries, as the US unemployment rate remains at an historic low. Competition for workers is fierce.

One way to attract talent is by offering robust benefits and unique services. Coffee: steaming hot in more ways than one

“The more thoughtful we are about creating a range of benefits that matter to our partners — that helps us attract new partners,” Johnson told CNN Business. “Over this past year, one of the things that partners have highlighted is the need for increased focus on mental health.”

Spotlight on mental health

Mental health services are not new for Starbucks. Through its health insurance, Starbucks offers inpatient and outpatient mental health care, as well as six free visits with a mental health provider through its Employee Assistance Program

The offerings are “very comprehensive,” according to John Kelly, senior vice president of global public affairs and social impact for Starbucks. But, he noted, just 4% to 5% of employees actually use it … Read more. 

Top Reasons to Kick Starbucks to the Curb and Let Dunkin’ Donuts Into Your Life

Spoon University – It only took forever and a day for Purdue to get with the program, but we finally have our very own Dunkin’ Donuts here in Lafayette.

This east coast favorite comes to us promising freshly baked donuts, brilliantly blended coffee, and so many other delicious perks that will make you forget you spent all of last semester stocking up on those secret menu tips at Starbs.

1. Donuts, duh

When was the last time you bought a donut at Starbucks? Yeah, didn’t think so. Sure, they may have pastries if you can get there early enough, but that just doesn’t cut it for hungry college students. Dunkin’

Donuts is recognized for their amazing selection of incredibly tasting donuts. Their website lists over 50 possible donut flavors, and they always have seasonal specials, so you can bet they’ll have exactly what you’re craving for. Coffee and donuts go together like bacon and jelly, so this definitely is a no-brainer.

[The French Cruller is Dunkin’s lowest-calorie doughnut, with just 220 calories. A sugared raised donut has 230. Enjoy as a rare treat. – Editor]

2. More is less

A plain, grande latte at Starbucks will cost you about $3.65. The same size latte at Dunkin’ comes in a little cheaper at $3.29, but that’s not the only place you’ll see the savings. Dunkin’ will add any flavor extracts, sugar, cream, or milk (besides almond) to your beverage for no extra charge.

No need to put in all that effort looking for hacks to make your drink cheaper. Starbucks menu prices shoot up the more complicated your drink gets, but at Dunkin’, there are no hidden charges. [It’s not just the prices that shoot up the more complicated your drink gets; so do the calories and sugar. When it comes to coffee, the simpler, the better. – Ed.]

3. DD Perks

Dunkin’ has a rewards program that is very similar to the Starbucks rewards system. Downloading their app allows you to conveniently pay with your phone, find locations near you, send gift cards to your friends, and rewards you for your purchases. Who wouldn’t want rewards for spending money?

In addition, all members get a new, exclusive coupon to use every month, regardless of how much you’ve spent. Talk about real rewards. Read more.


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