“Something’s Not Right” – Persistent Mom Saves Tot From Rare Bug | VIDEO

Jessie Cohen, May 31, 2019

Mt Washington, Ky. — After a week of pain and false diagnoses, one family is celebrating their son’s life on his second birthday.

Kayla Oblisk said her son Jackson was bitten by a tick on his neck when he went to a local park with his father.

“They just pulled it off and moved right on,” Oblisk said. “We didn’t think anything else of it at that point.”

But when Jackson began running a fever with light pink spots on his body, Oblisk said she took his to the doctor.

“We were told it’s a viral rash, it’s going to go away, you just have to wait it out, there’s really nothing we can do,” Oblisk said.

Slowly, the rash turned into aching pain and an emergency room visit on Memorial Day.

“My kid wouldn’t get up, he wouldn’t eat he wouldn’t drink, he was running a 105 degree fever,” Oblisk said. “We couldn’t get him to do anything, if you touched him he screamed.”

Oblisk said she was told day eight with the disease often sees death. Her son was treated on day seven.

“I’m so glad that as a parent I said to myself ya know something isn’t right and followed it,” Oblisk said.

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