Some PA Hunters Can Now Hunt Without Wearing Orange; Other States To Follow?

By Marcus Schneck, Apr 10, 2019 – Archers and turkey hunters will no longer be required to wear fluorescent orange while hunting.

The Board of Game Commissioners on Tuesday approved a measure that simplifies requirements to wear fluorescent orange material while hunting in Pennsylvania.

There are no changes to the requirements for many seasons. And the use of orange continues to be highly recommended for all seasons, whether required or not.

The regulations also eliminate the requirement for fall turkey hunters to wear fluorescent orange material.

All other seasons would continue with their existing fluorescent orange requirements.

Woodchuck hunters must continue to wear a solid fluorescent orange hat at all times.

And hunters in seasons for crows, doves, waterfowl, post-Christmas flintlock deer, spring turkeys and furbearers continue without fluorescent orange requirements. Read more. 


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