Snake Catcher Reveals Nasty Injuries from Python

 Why more people don’t want to be snake hunters 

| Stephanie Bedo, – A professional snake catcher has warned of the serious damage non-venomous snakes can do.

Sue Ambler was removing a python from a tree when it landed on her and wrapped around her neck, squeezing so tight it burst her blood vessels and caused friction burn on her face.

Ms. Ambler shared photos of her horrific injuries on Facebook.

She said her terrifying ordeal — which she nearly left her dead — showed that even non-venomous snakes could be dangerous and people should always call in the professionals.

“I was catching a snake the other day and things turned for the worst,” she said.

“When I grabbed the snake out of the tree it landed around my neck and before I could unwind the snake from my neck it tightened around my neck and face and before long it asphyxiated me to the point I passed out and fell to the ground.

“The ambulance guy said one more minute and I would have been dead so as a professional snake catcher this can even happen to us.”

Ms. Ambler suffered bruised eyes and burst blood vessels.

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