USA vs. ‘Shithole’ Countries: Health Facts


(HEADLINE HEALTH) Is Donald Trump’s characterization of certain nations as ‘shithole’ countries proof that he is racist?

Or is it simply (to borrow a line from Al Gore) an ‘inconvenient truth’? In fact, even far left publications like Mother Jones concede, “‘Shithole Countries’ Is All About Political Correctness.” (IMAGE BELOW)

‘Shithole countries’? The facts speak for themselves 

World Health Organization statistics show that the nations Trump describes as ‘shitholes’ have some the world’s lowest life expectancies and most appalling public health records: 

  • Botswana’s rate of HIV/AIDS deaths is 112 times higher than that in the United States.
  • Deaths due to tuberculosis are 173 times higher in Haiti than in the U.S..
  • Life expectancy in these nations is decades shorter. 

Any honest reading of the facts demonstrates that while the president’s choice of words is offensive to some, it is in no way ‘racist.’

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