Shhh … We Got Dr. Oz to Reveal the Top 25 Foods from His New Book

Eat your way to a healthier life with Dr. Oz’ favorites

(TODAY) We got Dr. Oz to share tips from his new book, Food Can Fix It, which reveals which foods are good for heart disease, chronic pain, and boosting your mood.

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Dr. Oz has a new book, Food Can Fix It, although we got him to name the top 25 foods for our readers.

Heart Health

Eat your way to a healthier heart by switching to lean proteins and sources of healthy fats.

Foods with beneficial fats: Edamame, nut and seed butters, olives, seed oils (hazelnut, olive, avocado, soybean, flaxseed), avocado and nuts have healthier fats and artery-clearing functions.

Try kohlrabi, jicama, mangosteen, bok choy, chayote, dragonfruit and dandelion greens which all provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Rely on lean meats and fish to reduce your overall fat consumption. Think boneless and skinless chicken breast, tuna, pork tenderloin, cod, etc.

Pain & Inflammation

Skinless salmon, leafy greens, extra virgin olive oil and red wine all have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. A dinner composed of these elements is the ultimate anti-inflammatory and pain reducing plate.

Add a dash of cinnamon, which has two known anti-inflammatory chemical compounds, to your daily coffee. This will double the dose of your morning beverage’s anti-inflammation power — plus it will impart a nice spicy flavor to your brew.


Eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day can help stabilize your blood sugar levels and your mood. Yes, it’s true, being “hangry” is a thing, so don’t wait until you’re starving to eat — you’ll likely get pretty irritable. Also, you’ll be less likely to binge on unhealthy foods later if you’re not starving by the time you get a chance to eat.

Staying satisfied and eating every few hours can make your belly and mind happier and healthier. READ THE FULL POST AT TODAY.COM. Also of interest: The 10 Healthiest Foods on the Planet