Sheriffs Who Release Sick Inmates To Avoid Hospital Bills

Michael Wayne Tidwell was arrested in Alabama, 7/24/2019. CHARGE: DRIVE W/SUSPENDED LIC, NO INSURANCE

Oct  1, 2019

ScienceBeta| Michael Tidwell’s blood sugar reading was at least 15 times his normal level when sheriff’s deputies took him to the hospital.

But before they loaded the inmate into the back of a car, deputies propped up his slumping body and handed him a pen so he could sign a release from the Washington County Jail.

“I could barely stand up or keep my eyes open,” he recalled.

Tidwell said that he didn’t know what he was signing at the time, and that he lost consciousness a short time later. The consequences of his signature only became clear in the weeks that followed the 2013 medical emergency.

By signing the document, which freed him on bond from the small jail in south Alabama, Tidwell had, in essence, agreed that the Washington County Sheriff’s Office would not be responsible for his medical costs, which included the two days he spent in a diabetic coma in intensive care at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile. (Story continues below … )

“He has a washboard stomach … “

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(continued) … It’s unclear whether Tidwell, who was uninsured at the time and in poor health afterward, was billed for his care or if the medical providers wrote it off.

What is clear is that the sheriff’s office avoided paying Tidwell’s hospital bills.

Tidwell had been on the receiving end of a practice referred to by many in law enforcement as a “medical bond.”

Sheriffs across Alabama are increasingly deploying the tactic to avoid having to pay when inmates face medical emergencies or require expensive procedures — even ones that are necessary only because an inmate received inadequate care while incarcerated.

What’s more, once they recover, some inmates are quickly rearrested and booked back into the jail from which they were released.

Local jails across the country have long been faulted for providing substandard medical care.

In Alabama, for instance, a mentally ill man died from flesh-eating bacteria 15 days after being booked … Read more. 

Bill Cosby Has Lost 33 Pounds of Body Weight In One Year In Prison


IBTimes – Now one year into his prison sentence, disgraced comedian Bill Cosby is still behind bars fighting the sexual assault charges that he was convicted of in an appeal.

Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

On Thursday, the anniversary of his arrival at the Phoenix-SCI prison in Pennsylvania, Cosby was visited by his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt, and civil rights leader Ben Chavis, Inside Edition reported.

During their visit, they saw a much thinner Cosby, who now weighs 187 pounds, down from the 220 pounds he weighed when he arrived at the prison.

Previous reports indicated that Cosby reportedly was limiting his sugar and salt intake, abstaining from coffee, and working out every day.

“He has a washboard stomach,” Wyatt told Inside Edition. “He is doing amazingly well …”