Sexperts: The ‘G-Spot’ Does Not Exist; Women Beg to Differ

Controversy exists regarding the presence or absence of an anatomic ‘G-spot’ …

Sexual health experts conclude that the G-spot does not exist. Millions of women swear they are wrong. PHOTO: Wagner Cesar Munhoz, CC

(HEADLINE HEALTH) The Fountain of Youth. The Lost Continent of Atlantis. The G-spot.

Men have searched for mysterious and alluring treasures since time immemorial, only to be met with frustration and disappointment. Some have given up; others are still searching. 

Now some of the world’s leading sexologists have come to the disappointing conclusion that the much sought-after G-spot is not a thing – it simply does not exist.

In spite of the significant scientific effort that went into this research, odds are that men will continue searching, with strong encouragement from their partners. Highlights of the published scientific research paper appear below.

The “G-Spot” Is Not a Structure Evident on the Vaginal Wall

(Nathan Hoag, MD, FRCSC, Janet R. Keast, PhD, Helen E. O’Connell, MD, MBBS, FRACS, The Journal of Sexual Medicine)


Controversy exists regarding the presence or absence of an anatomic “G-spot.” However, few studies have examined the detailed anatomy of the putative G-spot location.


To determine the anatomy of the anterior vaginal wall …  to provide anatomic clarity with respect to this location.


There is no macroscopic structure other than the urethra and vaginal wall lining in the location of the putative G-spot. Specifically, there is no apparent erectile or “spongy” tissue in the anterior vaginal wall, except where the urethra abuts the clitoris distally.

Clinical Implications

The absence of an anatomic structure corresponding to the putative G-spot helps clarify the controversy on this subject.


The G-spot, in its current description, is not identified as a discrete anatomic entity at macroscopic dissection of the urethra or vaginal wall. Further insights could be provided by histologic study.

The “G-Spot” Is Not a Structure Evident on Macroscopic Anatomic Dissection of the Vaginal Wall. Read the full post at The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Also of interest: 5 Perks Of Sex Extend Well Beyond Bedroom