Sex Toys Are Big Business: FORBES

Healthy Pleasure Collective, founded by business and brand architect Dominnique Karetsos (above) and Dr. Maria Fernana Peraza Godoy, a urologist, andrologist and sexual medicine expert, is a full service agency dedicated to sex tech. Image: Forbes/Fair Use

“I urge people to do more research about sex toys before they purchase them. The reality is, sex toys can be dangerous … ”   – Sex therapist Lisa Hochberger 

FORBES – It’s easy to get excited about the financial opportunities of the sex tech industry.

But marketing agency Healthy Pleasure Collective wants to put the pleasure back into the sex tech business.

Hunter Biden Requests Sex Toy At Strip Club

By acknowledging individual sexuality and prioritising customers’ sexual fulfillment, the agency believes brands can not only advance faster, but have a positive social impact too.

The sexual wellness market accounted for $39 billion in 2017 and has been estimated to be growing at a 30% annual rate.

[If the typical “sexual wellness market” consumer spends $500 a year (just a guess, we have no idea), that’s 78 million consumers using these products and services — and who could benefit from considering the health consequences of their choices. – Editor] 

With the industry predicted to be worth $122 billion by 2026 investing in sex tech looks like a good move.

At Healthy Pleasure Collective, fundraising and development are about more than making money. Founded by business and brand architect Dominnique Karetsos and Dr. Maria Fernana Peraza Godoy, a urologist, andrologist and sexual medicine expert, HCP is a full service agency dedicated to sex tech.

The team offers consulting, fundraising, branding, product development, digital marketing, communications, press and business development for entrepreneurs in the field of sexual health and wellness technology.

THE WASHINGTON POST (Nov 12, 2019) is still writing about one infamous ‘sex toy’:

“The Clinton scandal was very much a television event … So by the time the House voted for an impeachment inquiry that fall, the public already knew everything there was to know, including some details they probably didn’t want to know at all (ahem, the cigar).” SOURCE. 

HCP seeks to innovate, advance and build sexual health and technology brands while holding onto the key factor motivating all our interactions with them: pleasure.

The pursuit of pleasure is inherently human, say the founders.

When we leave it out, we not only ignore a crucial part of the user experience, we neglect to recognise a vital part of our humanity.

By tapping back into this, they say, products and solutions can thrive in the market while also having a positive impact on sexual health and wellness.

I caught up with Dominnique Karetsos to find out how brands can go about mixing pleasure with business.

Q: Why is it so important to you to integrate sex tech and sexual wellness with health?

A: Sex is a health issue. Through sex tech we make room for the importance of sexuality and its inherent value in our lives. The World Health Organization defines sexual health as “a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.” … Read more. 

“Minneapolis city officials are exploring tougher regulations for strip clubs after two recent investigations revealed health hazards and sometimes dangerous conditions for entertainers. The most recent findings, … noted performers face on-the-job hazards ranging from injuries sustained during performances to physical and sexual assault, and they have few worker protections. The problems are particularly pronounced in private or semiprivate VIP rooms …” – Star Tribune 

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