Sex Helps You Lose Weight and 5 More Benefits You Didn’t Know

(Laura Mitchell, Daily Star) Orgasms can help you look younger, ward off disease, stop junk food cravings, and even reduce the threat of prostate cancer.

Benefits of the orgasms include:

  1. Glowing skin

The ‘sex glow’, as some call it, is in part also caused by your body’s release of DHEA, which promotes healthy skin and improves your complexion.

  1. Weight loss
Throughout intercourse, the body produces phenethylamine, a natural amphetamine that may help to reduce cravings for junk food, cigarettes and overeating.
  1. Natural pain relief

Symptoms of pain can be relieved due to the release of oxytocin, a natural compound with analgesic properties.

  1. Fend off infection

People who have regular sex were found to have higher levels of immunoglobulin A, or IgA, an antibody that fends off infection.

  1. Improve blood flow

The flow of blood and fluid to the genitals increases during sex, carrying fresh oxygen and replenishing your resistance to infections.

  1. Ward off cancer

The National Cancer Institute found that an average of 21 ejaculations a month cuts the threat of prostate cancer by 33%.

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