REVEALED: These 2 Congressmen Got Taxpayer Funds for Soldier’s Penis Amputation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Joseph Kennedy

(HEADLINE HEALTH) UPDATE: Taxpayer funding for the penis amputation performed earlier this week on a serviceman who says he wants to be a woman was pushed through by two high-profile congressional liberals, according to CNN’s Michael Smerconish.

Smerconish reported:

“The patient that we performed surgery on today lived in Massachusetts, and she [sic] called her [sic] representative who put pressure on DOD. So it was Joe Kennedy and Elizabeth Warren who were making phone calls and got this through,” revealed plastic surgeon Christine McGinn, formerly known as Christopher McGinn.

In spite of President Trump’s ban on transgendered military personnel, the Pentagon accepted McGinn’s determination that it was medically necessary to amputate the serviceman’s penis in order to complete the gender reassignment process.

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Pentagon: Penis Amputation ‘Medically Necessary’ for Trans Soldier

Trump’s ban on military transgenders ignored; trans doc gets Obama-era funding to castrate sex-change soldier

(Michael Smerconish, CNN) READER DISCRETION |

“If the commander in chief won’t take care of our veterans, I will.” 

So said Dr. Christine McGinn, a New Hope, Pennsylvania plastic surgeon upon learning that President Trump was banning transgendered individuals from the military.

“This afternoon, an active-duty military member received a sex-reassignment surgery because the treating doctor deemed this surgery medically necessary.” Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, Director, Defense Health Agency, November 13, 2017

[Dr. McGinn, a self-described ‘male-to-female transgender,’ was known as Christopher before undergoing ‘re-assignment’ surgery in 2000. – Editor ]


Free ‘gender confirmation surgery’ – as long as taxpayers pay for it

Speaking with CNN, McGinn offered to perform gender confirmation surgery for ‘free’ if the government would pay for it.

She twice since made good on her promise — performing the first vaginoplasty on an active duty soldier, then performing castration without vaginoplasty as a staging procedure.

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This week, on the eve of her third related surgery, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that, despite the president’s position, the government would shoulder a portion of the costs for a U.S. soldier who had transitioned to female.

Pentagon deems penis amputation ‘medically necessary’ 

NBC News reported that Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, head of the Defense Health Agency, approved a request for the surgery.

“This afternoon, an active-duty military member received a sex-reassignment surgery. Military hospitals do not have the surgical expertise to perform this type of surgery, therefore it was conducted in a private hospital,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

In spite of Trump’s absolute clarity on the issue, Obama holdovers at the Pentagon continue the pro-LGBT policies of the prior administration.

“Because this service member had already begun a sex-reassignment course of treatment, and the treating doctor deemed this surgery medically necessary, a waiver was approved by the director of the Defense Health Agency.”

In July, the president announced via Twitter a ban on transgenders serving any capacity in the U.S. military.

As for the landmark operation she performed this week, she said there are three different fees involved with surgery: hers, the hospital’s, and for the anesthesia. Thus far, those who have been taking her up on her offer have been paying for the hospital and anesthesia out of their own pocket.

“So they were fronting the money and then applying through the chain of command to have reimbursement for it, and this particular case got a memo from DOD in the 11th hour, the night before the surgery, saying that they would indeed pay for the surgery,” McGinn said.

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