“We’re saving about $700 a month …”

Choosing a faith-based health plan

(Paul Sisson, San Diego Union-Tribune) In 2009, shortly after an early retirement, Lisa and Wes Pratte of San Marcos signed up for a Kaiser health plan that cost about $400 a month with manageable deductibles and copays.

“We’re saving about $700 a month. That’s real money, and it feels like it put the control back in my hands.” – Lisa Pratte Photo: Facebook

But that plan went away in 2014 with the Affordable Care Act, and they were forced to buy a plan on the Covered California health insurance exchange.

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Their retirement income was high enough that they did not qualify for a subsidy, leaving them to pay the full premium for their policy every month.

“By the time we left the ACA plan, our premiums were more than $1,000 a month,” Lisa said.

Then she learned about Christian Healthcare Ministries, one of several nonprofit health cost-sharing ministries operating in the United States.

Today, the couple pays only $300 per month for what the ministry calls its “gold program,” which covers up to $125,000 per medical incident after members pay the first $500.

The couple also buys a $40-per-year “Brother’s Keeper” plan which will provide them with unlimited payments for expenses that exceed the $125,000 threshold.

Pratte said she and her husband have paid out-of-pocket for their annual checkups and for blood tests at local labs which they researched on their own find the best deal.

So far, since they started working with CHM, their expenses have not been large enough to require the ministry to kick in for coverage, and they’re enjoying pocketing the difference between what their Kaiser premium under the Affordable Care Act would have cost and what CHM charges

“We’re saving about $700 a month. That’s real money, and it feels like it put the control back in my hands. I’m in the driver’s seat to negotiate,” Pratte said. READ THE FULL STORY AT SAN DIEGO UNION- TRIBUNE Also of interest: Yet Another Obamacare Tax Due to Hit Soon