Sarah Palin Nailed It: Death Panels Doom Seniors

UK Death Panels: “Hundreds are dying needlessly”

| A waiting list is a death list 

| Headline Health – As Sarah Palin and others have noted, socialized medicine cannot function without bureaucratic gatekeepers whose function is to delay or deny treatment to patients who have been deemed by authorities – or by a formula they have established – to be not worth saving.

Socialized medicine was established in the UK in 1946. This “universal healthcare system” was billed as a “major social reform.”

Does England’s National Health Service have death panels? You won’t find a body by that name listed in the national healthcare directory, but large numbers of patient deaths resulting from bureaucratic delays and waiting lists are well documented.

A recent example has just been just published by The Telegraph …

Hundreds of pancreatic cancer patients denied life-saving surgery because of delays

[Pancreatic cancer incidence is strongly related to age, with the highest incidence rates being in older people. In the UK in 2013-2015, on average each year almost half (47%) of new cases were in people aged 75 and over. – Editor. Source]

The Telegraph (UK) – Hundreds of pancreatic cancer patients are dying needlessly because of treatment delays after diagnosis, a major report has warned.

More than 800 pancreatic cancer patients diagnosed at stage one or two do not receive life-saving surgery, even though it raises the chances of their survival tenfold.

Without surgery, just 2.3 percent of people survive for five years or longer, but that rises to 22.3 percent for those who have their tumor removed.

Months-long waiting lists reduce survival rate to near zero 

A new report by Pancreatic Cancer UK warns that patients often have to wait months for tests to determine whether they are eligible for surgery by which point it is often too late. Two-thirds of patients who could be treated with surgery do not receive an operation.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer. Just one percent of the 9,800 people diagnosed each year will still be alive in 10 years and 93 percent will die within five years. More than one quarter will die within a month of diagnosis.

Diana Jupp, Chief Executive of Pancreatic Cancer UK, said:

“The awful truth behind this report is that too many pancreatic cancer patients are being denied their only chance of survival because they are simply not being treated fast enough.

“One in four people diagnosed with this devastating disease die within a month, making it the quickest killing cancer. It’s so ferocious that patients cannot afford to wait.”

The report coincides with the launch of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Demand Faster Treatment campaign, which calls for surgery within 20 days of diagnosis by 2024. Read more.