San Francisco: Plastic Straws Banned, Needles for Junkies Are Free

San Francisco bans plastic straws, but streets are littered with free hypodermic needle caps

Fox News – Even as San Francisco bans plastic straws in an effort to clean up the city, the streets are now reportedly littered with orange plastic caps from free syringes.

The city hands out an estimated 400,000 syringes each month to prevent diseases spreading among drug users, but has little control on how these needles are disposed of.

The San Francisco Chronicle previously reported more than 154,000 needles end up in the streets, sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds.

Meanwhile, city leaders are hoping to prevent plastic straws from washing up in the San Francisco Bay.

The city unanimously approved in July a plan to ban plastic straws and stirrers, while items such as condiment packets and napkins will be given out at bars and restaurants upon request.

“Napkins, straws, and bags are available upon request,” sandwich shop Sentinel write on a menu footnote. “You can still get needles for free though. Welcome to SF.”

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