Russian Teen Perfectly Demonstrates Why Teachers Must Carry Guns

Daily Express – Teen ‘laughed’ as he went on TWO HOUR knife RAMPAGE which left two dead at Belarus school

A KNIFE-WIELDING teenager killed his history teacher and a fellow student at his school in Belarus today, say police.

Two hero pupils who tried to stop him attacking 50-year-old Marina Parkhimovich suffered stab wounds and are now fighting for their lives in intensive care.

The 15-year-old suspect named as Vadim Miloshevsky was “grinning” and “laughing” as he stabbed his victims, said reports.

He fled from the secondary school in the town of Stowsby after jumping from a second-floor school window.

The boy was later apprehended by armed police.

Reports said the terrifying school siege had lasted two hours with children barricading themselves into their classrooms.

A pupil said: “Vadim came into a class with a broad smile on his face.

“His eyes were red.

“He was smiling when he stabbed Alexander in the neck.

“He laughed at the end of the attack, before leaving the class with the lifeless body.”

The wounded pupils are believed to be aged 16.

Witnesses said they “bravely” tried to stop the attacker as he knifed the teacher.

The local district hospital said: “They are currently in operating theatres with knife wounds.

“It is too soon to say anything about their state of health.” Read more. 


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