“Riley’s Law”: Time To Ban ‘Boob Jobs’?

“The boob job alone has earned me more than $200,000, and the surgery was $8,000,” says Lindsey Leigh. But another porn star, Riley Evans, paid a much higher price after her breast implants; the 32-year-old died last month of breast cancer. Screenshot: Refinery29

Late porn diva Riley Evans thought 34D was not big enough …

Her death shines a spotlight on risky breast implants – EXPANDED COVERAGE

“I’m A Porn Star — & My Breast Implants Earned Me $250,000”

Lindsey Leigh, Mar 25, 2019

Refinery29 – After 11 years in the adult film industry, 29-year-old Lindsey Leigh is at the peak of her career, with a successful cam business and growing fanbase.

A few years ago, Leigh decided to get breast and butt implants as an investment for her job, and immediately saw her following skyrocket.

She tells us, in her own words, how she feels about her surgeries now.

The following story was told to Rachel Lubitz and edited for length and clarity.

Lindsey Leigh, courtesy photo via Refinery29

“I’ve wanted bigger boobs since high school, but I didn’t want to start getting surgeries too young, so I just used push-up bras in the meantime.

“I was 26, and had been in the porn industry for eight years, when I felt like I could say, OK, I grew into my body. I lost my baby fat. My hormones are where they’re supposed to be, and now it’s time to get this done.

“I thought that I would make more money if I was curvier, and I was correct. The first year after I got my boobs done, I earned what I had made in my first eight years.

“The boob job alone has earned me more than $200,000 through camming, films, and appearances, and the surgery was $8,000.

“But when it came to butt surgery, that’s where I had to really think, Is this necessary? Am I going to want all these things in my 40s?

“But I just thought, The look that I’m going for is not happening by doing squats. It’s not happening with diet. I have to do this. I threw it down as more of a fiscal decision than a moral one …Read more. 

Original story, March 31, 2019 – a HEADLINE HEALTH Exclusive: 

Porn Star, 32, Dead of Breast Cancer; Pic Reveals Likely Cause

Should ‘boob jobs’ be banned? Call it “Riley’s Law” … 

Reports of breast implant illnesses prompt federal review

By Denise Grady and Roni Caryn Rabin
March 19, 2019

The New York Times – Reports from thousands of women that breast implants are causing problems like debilitating joint pain and fatigue, claims long dismissed by the medical profession, are receiving new attention from the Food and Drug Administration and researchers.

This may be a long-awaited moment of validation for tens of thousands of women who have been brushed off as neurotic, looking to cash in on lawsuits or just victims of chance who coincidentally became ill while having implants.

The FDA has begun to re-examine questions about implant safety that have long been disputed by doctors and implant manufacturers, and that most consumers thought had been resolved a decade or so ago.

Millions of women have implants, which are silicone sacs filled with either salt water or silicone gel, used to enlarge the breasts cosmetically or to rebuild them after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

On Tuesday, the agency warned two makers of breast implants that they had failed to conduct adequate long-term studies of the devices’ effects on women’s health.

Those studies were mandated as a condition of approving the implants, and the agency cautioned that the devices could be taken off the market if the research wasn’t properly carried out.

The agency also issued a statement on Friday that applied to a broad array of medical devices, acknowledging that implanted devices may make some people sick.

“A growing body of evidence suggests that a small number of patients may have biological responses to certain types of materials in implantable or insertable devices,” the agency said. Those effects can include “inflammatory reactions and tissue changes causing pain and other symptoms that may interfere with their quality of life.” Read more. 

More Cases Are Reported of Unusual Cancer Linked to Breast Implants

By Denise Grady, March 21, 2018

The New York Times – More cases of an unusual cancer linked to breast implants have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration, the agency said on Wednesday.

The case count rose in the past year, to 414 cases from 359, the agency said in an update on its website. The number of deaths it has recorded, nine, has not changed from one year ago; a professional society of plastic surgeons is now reporting 16 related deaths.

The FDA ’s figures include cases from the United States and other countries. The agency began publicly reporting on the problem in 2011, and some of the apparent rise in cases may be due to increased awareness and diagnosis.

The disease is not breast cancer, but is a malignancy of the immune system called breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.

When detected early, it can usually be cured by surgery alone, by removing the implant and the capsule of scar tissue that forms around it.

But some women have needed more extensive treatment, with chemotherapy and radiation, and the disease can be fatal.

A major symptom is swelling around the implant, which has occurred from two to 28 years after the surgery, with a median of eight years.

In women with no symptoms, there is no reason to remove implants or even to screen for the disease, the FDA said.

The lymphoma is more likely to occur in women with implants that have a textured coating, as opposed to a smooth cover, the agency said.

No connection has been found between the disease and what is inside the implants — salt water or silicone.

Nor is the lymphoma associated with breast cancer: It is just as likely to occur in women who chose implants for cosmetic reasons as in those who received them during reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. Read more. 


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