Red-Light Cams Aren’t Helping, Crash Deaths Rise

Deaths caused by red-light runners hit a 10-year high

By Scottie Andrew, August 29, 2019

CNN – Accidents caused by drivers who ran red lights killed 939 people in 2017, a 28% increase since 2012, according to AAA.

Almost half of the people killed were passengers or drivers of other cars hit by a red-light runner.

Just over one-third were the driver who ran the light.

Ken Kolosh of the National Safety Council said while the uptick in deaths is alarming, crashes at signaling intersections are common.

“It’s frustrating because it’s so obviously preventable,” he said.

About 85% of drivers admitteddriving through a red light is dangerous, but one in three said they’d done it within the last 30 days, even when they could’ve safely stopped.

While some red-light crashes are caused by inattention or distractions, many are the result of drivers intentionally speeding and breaking the law, Kolosh said.

So why take the risk? Maybe because 2 in 5 drivers don’t think police will pull them over …

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