Recreational Marijuana – Is Florida Next?

Pablo Flores, CC BY-SA 2.5

“The mood is changing significantly … “

“Florida will be the next state to make recreational cannabis legal.”

The Leaf Desk – Officials in Florida are gearing up to make recreational cannabis legal in the Sunshine State, an expert has told The Leaf Desk.

Despite historic and strong opposition from Republican party members throughout Florida’s government, the prevailing anti-marijuana legalization mood among the south-east state’s bureaucrats is thawing.

Three years ago, a majority of Florida’s voters swept through a motion that eventually legalized medical marijuana, but Tallahassee lawmakers imposed a ban on smokable forms.

The prohibition was lifted earlier this year. And that, say skilled observers, is a sure sign that the way is open to legalize recreational cannabis – possibly as early as next year.

Political analyst Cal Prenthurst told The Leaf Desk:

“I think the mood is changing significantly – even among the old staunchly anti-cannabis Republicans who have kept this idea off the table for so long.

“In fact, if it wasn’t for their stubbornness you could argue that Florida might easily have been the first US state to allow recreational marijuana.

“However, I think it’s more than fair to say that, as more information about cannabis is brought to the attention of those people who have spent a lifetime being told it is a bad thing, it is quickly becoming something acceptable to them.

“And I can tell you now I see this being passed through quickly – mark my words, Florida will be the next state to make recreational cannabis legal.”

Two driving forces are behind the apparent change of heart amid authority figures.


Firstly, the region’s climate has attracted the attention of some of the cannabis industry’s biggest businesses who want to change both the physical and political landscape of Florida.

At least a dozen big industry figures have said they would be keen to create plantations, factories and jobs in a US region with near-perfect growing conditions. Read more. 


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