Piercing This Body Part Takes 4 Months to Heal 

Read this if your teen wants tattoos, body piercings

(Dr. Brian Goldman, CBC Radio) Tattoos and body piercing are increasingly popular.  A recent survey in the U.S. found that four in ten people age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo.

AGREE or DISAGREE? According to a Harris survey, many people believe that their tattoos and body piercings make them sexier and more attractive. PHOTO: Postdlf, CC

The figure in Canada is closer to 20 per cent. Nearly one in four Americans has a body piercing in locations other than the earlobe.

Tattooed individuals often say their body art makes them feel sexier or more attractive.

New recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics helps teens and their parents manage the risk.

What piercing does to nipples 

The guidelines are aimed at pediatricians, family doctors and nurse practitioners who can be expected to get questions from teens and from parents.

The guidelines contains a comprehensive set of “dos and don’ts” regarding tattoos, permanent makeup, henna and temporary tattoos and tattoo removal.

There’s a lot on body piercing, including the approximate healing times for various sites.

For instance, tongue piercing take three to four weeks to heal, while nipple piercing can take up to four months. It includes useful tips like wearing a curved barbell instead of a ring through a new navel piercing to reduce skin irritation and scarring.  

These body arts are Third World religious practices 

There’s also a section on ear stretching, which is a common cultural and religious practice in parts of Africa, Eurasia and the Americas.

There’s also a section on scarification, which is cutting, burning or branding words or images into the skin.

The number one reason why the American Academy of Pediatrics published these guidelines now is that tattoos, body piercing, stretching and scarification are now mainstream ways of self-expression.

A 2016 Harris Poll found that three in 10 adults in the U.S. has at least one tattoo – up 20 per cent in just four years.

In the Harris Poll, 86 percent say they didn’t regret getting one; 30 per cent say it makes them feel sexier, 25 per cent say more attractive. Read the full story at CBC Radio.