“Rare, Possibly Deadly Virus” Has NY On Edge

“Imminent Threat to Public Health” declared

| Newsday – Suffolk County is asking New York State to “confirm a declaration of an Imminent Threat to Public Health” after a local mosquito sample tested positive for a rare and possibly deadly virus, county health officials said Thursday.

State health officials told their counterparts in Suffolk on Thursday that the July 31 sample taken from “the Manorville area” contained Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a virus that can cause fatal brain swelling in humans if bitten by mosquitoes carrying it, according to a county news release.

The county is seeking the imminent threat declaration so that it can ramp up mosquito control measures. Florida Residents Warned To Cover All Doors And Windows

The illness is uncommon in humans, with only seven cases a year reported on average in the United States, and no human cases on record in Suffolk County, the release said.

“The reason EEE is less common in humans is that the primary mosquito vector, Culiseta melanura, does not typically feed on humans,” Suffolk’s Health Services Commissioner James Tomarken said … Read more. 


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