Rabid, Diseased Wildlife Reported in More Cities

Skunks, raccoons, bats, ‘zombie dogs’ raise health concerns …

(Kurt Bresswein, Lehigh Valley Live)

Bethlehem, PA health officials issued an alert Friday about a raccoon and skunk that both tested positive for rabies.

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Police and public health officials are warning the public not to approach wildlife and to keep their pets inside. 

“Normally we don’t receive two back to back like this,” city Health Director Kristen Wenrich said.

Both rabid animals were caught and destroyed, with testing handled by a state laboratory.

However, the animals came in contact with domesticated dogs, both of which had to be quarantined to check for signs of infection by the virus.

One of the dogs was already vaccinated, Wenrich said. The other was not, and the owner was advised to have the dog euthanized. The owner refused and has since gotten the dog vaccinated.

The incidents follow two confirmed bats earlier this year. One bit a teenage girl in a city park.

These encounters serve as a reminder to ensure pets are up to date on vaccinations and to never attempt to handle a wild animal or a domesticated pet that is not their own, Wenrich said. Also of interest: St. Louis Man Walks Dog, Then THIS Happens

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