QUICK READ: Overcoming the Heart Risks of a Desk Job

Start your Monday on the right foot with these tips for staying active in the office

(Julie Davis, HealthDay) 

Your favorite office chair may be threatening your heart health.

Counter long sessions at your desk with 5-minute exercise breaks, even if you stay within your office. Here are some creative ways to get your blood flowing.

Simply standing up a few times an hour gives your body a break from the health consequences of a desk job.

  • Leave the perfect parking spot for someone else. Parking farther away will give you a chance to stretch your legs.
  • Instead of sitting in the cafeteria during lunch, head outside to walk, talk and eat with co-workers.
  • Walk to talk to a co-worker instead of emailing.
  • Stand while talking on the phone.
  • Set an hourly reminder on your smartphone to walk in place.

Find ways to get more active at home, too, like doing one or two chores after dinner instead of sinking into the sofa right away.

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