Quarter-Sized Mosquitoes Reported in This U.S. State

Everything’s bigger in Texas – yes, even the mosquitos

The recent rainfall in Houston has caused many residents to see an influx in outsized mosquitoes.

Locals took to Twitter to express their annoyance.

“While shooting a story in San Leon today, I can’t tell you how many mosquitos swarmed @13PhotogReed & me. Every time we hit one there was blood.” Steve Campion, a local news reporter, tweeted.

“Houston, we’ve got a mosquito problem,” another Twitter user wrote.

Not only is the population growing, some of the blood-sucking creatures are the size of a quarter, ABC13 reported.

But why does heavy rainfall equate to a rise in these bugs?

When it rains, female mosquitoes take to stagnant water to lay their eggs. The larvae only need half of an inch of water to survive, according to Pestworld.

To mosquito-proof a home, the CDC recommends:

  • Using screens on windows and doors
  • Repair holes in screens
  • Use air conditioning
  • Empty standing water in tires, buckets, flower pots, bird baths, and more on a weekly basis

ABC13 also reported that planting basil and rosemary, among other plants, can keep mosquitoes at bay. Read the full story at Fox News. 


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