Purple Potatoes Prevent Polyps?

Colorful diet may prevent colon cancer … 


Increasing the intake of purple potatoes and other colorful fruits and vegetables could lower the risk of colon cancer and many other diseases, according to a new study.

Penn State scientists found that something about brightly color fruits and vegetables can protect against cancer. Photo by robanhk

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In a study of pigs, researchers found that supplementing a high-calorie diet (HCD) with purple potatoes led to a reduction in levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6) – a pro-inflammatory protein that studies have shown can promote colon cancer – in the colon.

Brightly colored fruits and vegetables for better colon health

Scientists at Pennsylvania State University say that their results support previous research that claims that plant-based diets are linked to lower colon cancer risk.

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be 95,520 new cases of colon cancer diagnosed in the United States this year.

The Penn State team expands on these findings by shedding light on how brightly colored fruits and vegetables might contribute to better colonic health.

“What we are learning is that food is a double-edged sword – it may promote disease, but it may also help prevent chronic diseases, like colon cancer,” says Penn State’s Prof. Vanamala. “What we don’t know is, ‘how does this food work on the molecular level?’ This study is a step in that direction.”

As with many colorful fruits and vegetables, purple potatoes contain beneficial nutrients at significantly higher levels than their white-fleshed counterparts.

“Specifically, purple-fleshed potatoes are rich in phenolic acids and anthocyanins,” the researchers note. “[…] white potatoes may have helpful compounds, but the purple potatoes have much greater concentrations of these anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compounds.” Previous studies have shown that these compounds have anti-cancer properties.

Previous studies have shown that these compounds have anti-cancer properties.

Purple potatoes prevented inflammation

Based on these results, the Penn State team suggests that purple potatoes and other colorful fruits and vegetables high in anti-inflammatory compounds could be a feasible way to prevent colon cancer and other diseases. READ THE FULL STORY AT MEDICAL NEWS TODAY. Also of interest: Pomegranate’s Healing Powers Are WAY More Potent Than We KnewImage: VasenkaPhotography, CC

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