Punk Parks Illegally In Handicap Space, KOs Elderly Man Who Needed It

Newsweek – An elderly man in Oklahoma has been left with a fractured skull and a broken jaw after he asked why someone had parked illegally in the disabled spots at his local Taco Bell.

Russell Lohr, a 76-year-old regular customer at the Taco Bell in Norman, Oklahoma, has been left with serious injuries after he was attacked by an unknown assailant outside the fast-food restaurant Monday.

Koco News 5 reported Lohr was left in a critical condition by the attacker who blindsided him moments after the old man approached to ask why he had used the disabled spot at the restaurant.

Lohr needs to use a handicapped space because he is disabled.

“This coward came out running and sucker-punched my dad,” Adam Lohr, the man’s son, said.

“He has a fractured skull and a broken jaw,” Lohr added, explaining that his father was expected to undergo an operation to wire his jaw shut, Wednesday.

Russell Lohr has also suffered from significant brain bleeds following the attack.

“Witnesses stated the victim was at the counter placing an order when he was physically assaulted by the suspect. Suspect fled scene prior to arrival. Victim transported to NRH [Norman Regional Hospital].” – Norman Police Department 

The outcome of the brutal assault could have been far worse were it not for the bravery of a Taco Bell employee … Read more.  | POLICE REPORT 

OFFICIAL UPDATE, Mar 1, 2019, 1:28 PM: According to Norman Police Department Public Information Officer Sarah Jensen, the incident is an active and ongoing investigation. Investigators have identified a person of interest. No further information is available at this time.