Prison Workout Melts 70 Pounds in 6 Months

Working out in his 9×6′ prison cell, Coss Marte was able to lose 70 pounds in just six months.

Ex con turned fitness guru – the business built behind bars

| “My workouts were so simple, anyone could do them, anywhere, anytime.”

Fox Business – ConBody founder, Coss Marte, thought he had nothing but time until his life was on the line when he was serving a seven-year sentence at upstate New York’s Greene Correctional Facility for drug dealing charges.

Dangerously overweight, a prison doctor told Marte, if he didn’t start working out and eating correctly, his high cholesterol and blood pressure would kill him within the next few years.

“I wasn’t going to [let myself] die,” Marte told FOX Business. “That’s what motivated me to start moving. I began running laps around the prison yard and working out in my cell.”

Determined to get in shape but confined to his small cell, Marte created a prison-style workout using just his body weight, losing 70-pounds in just 6 months.

Years later, Coss Marte turned his intense “prison-style-workouts” into one of New York City’s in-demand fitness classes, in what is a crowded field competing against the likes of SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp.

Marte said that growing his business was no easy task, and like his motto for his workouts you need to “do the time” he stressed.

“We started renting space in ballet studios and eventually this location in Manhattan’s Lower East Side,” Marte said.

“It was just me in the beginning. I was running the business with an iPhone 4, business cards and flyers,” he said. Now the brand is ready to go national. ConBody is working on opening 9 studios in the city and tri-state area over the next 5 years followed by franchising across the country.

Marte is also committed to giving back to society and paying it forward. ConBody’s entire staff of trainers were formerly incarcerated … Fox Business


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