Prescription For Happiness After 60: More Sex – A new study shows that having sexual intercourse regularly even in the senior years is the key to good health.

The study from the researchers at the Anglia Ruskin University and University College London looked at 6,879 British seniors (aged over 65 years) who reported having sex within the previous one year.

They noted that these individuals had a greater satisfaction with life and also had greater levels of enjoyment. Why Having Sex Today Makes You Feel Better Tomorrow

Dr. Lee Smith, an expert in exercise medicine at Anglia Ruskin in a statement explained,

“The findings of our study suggest that it may be beneficial for physicians to query geriatric patients about their sexual activity and offer help for sexual difficulties, such as problems with erections, as sexual activity helps older people live more fulfilling lives.”

Smith and colleague Sarah Jackson looked at the differences in the effects of sexual activity among men and womenHow Porn Affects Your REAL Sex Life

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