Pregnant Woman Killed By Hunting Dogs

“I walked towards the precipice, the ravine, I saw thirty dogs arrive so I moved away.”

CNN – A pregnant woman was killed by dogs in a forest in France as a hunt took place nearby, investigators have said.

The body of the 29-year-old woman, who was walking her own dogs at the time of the attack, was found on Saturday.

An autopsy revealed that the woman had died of “bleeding from several dog bites to the upper and lower limbs as well as to the head.”

An investigation was opened into involuntary manslaughter by dog attack.

The woman had gone for a walk with her dog and later called her partner to report the presence of threatening dogs.

“I went to the forest, I saw her 4×4. I looked for her and I met some hunting dogs [and] a rider,” the woman’s partner, identified as Christophe, told CNN affiliate BFMTV.

“I walked towards the precipice, the ravine, I saw thirty dogs arrive so I moved away … ” Read more. 

Father of 9-year-old girl mauled to death by pit bulls argued with dogs’ owner about fencing last week

Aug 21, 2019

CNN – A week before 9-year-old Emma Hernandez was mauled to death by three pit bulls in Detroit, her father got into an argument with the dogs’ owner about them roaming free in the neighborhood, family members told CNN affiliate WDIV.

Emma was riding her bike near her home in Southwest Detroit on Monday when the dogs escaped from the neighbor’s yard and attacked her, the station reported.

A week earlier, her father, Armando Hernandez, had an argument with the dogs’ owner about better fencing for the dogs, Emma’s aunt Claudia Stapleton told the news station.

“They didn’t do anything,” Stapleton said.

A memorial to Emma has been placed her neighborhood.

Witnesses tried to save the girl and police said that someone shot one of the dogs. Emma was rushed to the hospital, but died from her injuries.

The owner of the three dogs was taken into custody, but police did not identify the 33-year-old man or say if he has been charged.

The three dogs were taken to Detroit Animal Care and Control and are being evaluated.

“Due to the severity of this case, it is very likely that the dogs will be euthanized,” the department said in a statement. Read more. 

Dog Walking Can Be Dangerous for Older Adults

Study notes the risk of bone fractures for those 65 and over, suggests obedience training as a remedy

March 7, 2019

AARP – A study by University of Pennsylvania medical researchers has found that walking a dog on a leash poses a risk of hip and other bone fractures in people age 65 and older..

Researchers analyzed injury statistics compiled from 2004 to 2017.

They found that the annual number of hospital emergency department visits involving bone fractures for older adults who had been walking leashed dogs more than doubled in that period.

Fractures bring serious possible repercussions. Hip fractures, which accounted for 17 percent of injuries, are associated with a lower quality of life and much higher mortality rates when incurred by older adults, the researchers noted.

But the researchers stressed that they are not recommending that older adults give up dogs or walking.

Health professionals could advocate that older dog owners consider obedience training to ensure their dogs do not lunge while leashed. And those contemplating getting a dog may want to select a smaller breed. Read more.