‘Pregnancy Is Not The Problem, Fornication Is’

Father Joseph Cisetti

Was a Catholic school right to fire an unwed teacher who informed the school that she had gotten pregnant? Comment below. 

| Priest allegedly told unwed teacher to have an abortion to avoid a “scandal”

Sept 11, 2019

Kansas City Star – A Kansas City priest, accused of telling a pregnant, unwed, teacher that if she had quietly had an abortion she might have kept her job at a Catholic elementary school, defended his statements in court Wednesday.

The Rev. Joseph Cisetti took the stand in the second week of a trial that has pitted former St. Therese School teacher Michelle Bolen against the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Cisetti and a former principal.

“I praised her decision not to have an abortion,” Cisetti said.

In her lawsuit, filed three years ago, Bolen claims that she lost her job because she was pregnant and unmarried.

It says that when Bolen found out she was pregnant, she went with her fiance at the time to meet with Cisetti, who is the pastor at St. Therese Parish, where she was a member.

Earlier this week, Bolen testified that Cisetti did not congratulate her on the pregnancy, but instead told her that had she terminated her pregnancy, the school would not have to deal with the “scandal” of a pregnant, unmarried teacher.

The suit says that Cisetti told Bolen she had made the “right choice in terms of keeping the baby, but that she had violated the terms of her school contract by being pregnant while not being married.”

The suit says he told Bolen she “could not return to sender,” but if she had, “they would not have been there that day having the discussion about her pregnancy and its repercussions.”

On the witness stand Wednesday, Cisetti, speaking in a soft and deliberate tone, explained that he was quoting Pope Francis, who he said scolded priests who refused to baptize the babies of unwed mothers by saying, “Look, she chose life. Look she did not return to sender,“ Cisetti said. “I was saying, look, she did not return to sender. But in no way was this saying that she should have had an abortion … ” Read more. 

Was a Catholic school right to fire an unwed teacher who informed them that she had gotten pregnant? Comment below. 


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