Please Don’t Call Her A “Drug Addict” Anymore

Drug treatment goes PC; it’s now “Opioid Use Disorder” 

| Headline Health – News flash! In spite of the tens of thousands of deaths from illegal drug use and abuse, there are officially no more “drug addicts” in America.

It is now considered politically incorrect to refer to a chronic drug abuser an “addict.”

The new PC term is “Opioid Use Disorder.” Persons who endanger themselves and others through drug abuse are to be viewed as victims of a disorder. The term addict is out; it’s now, “person with OUD.” (We wonder how long it will take for a criminal  defendant to argue for dismissal of breaking-and-entering and receiving stolen property charges by asserting that he/she is a victim of “OUD.”)

Recent examples below …

STAT: “A growing number of pregnant women have opioid use disorder” 

STAT: Morning Rounds, 8/10/2018 – The number of pregnant women with opioid use disorder in the hospital for delivery has more than quadrupled since 1999, according to a new analysis. In 1999, there were 1.5 pregnant women with opioid use disorder for every 1,000 delivery hospitalizations. By 2014, the rate had spiked to 6.5 cases of opioid use disorder per 1,000 delivery hospitalizations. The report’s authors point to several strategies to curb opioid misuse among pregnant women, including implementing ACOG’s guidance to screen women for opioid use during prenatal care and making sure pregnant women with opioid use disorder receive medication-assisted treatment.

CDC: Opioid Use Disorder Documented at Delivery Hospitalization — United States, 1999–2014″

CDC, 8/10/2018 – Opioid use by pregnant women represents a significant public health concern given the association of opioid exposure and adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes, including preterm labor, stillbirth, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and maternal mortality. State-level actions are critical to curbing the opioid epidemic through programs and policies to reduce use of prescription opioids and illegal opioids including heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl, both of which contribute to the epidemic …

Nationally, rates of opioid use disorder at delivery hospitalization more than quadrupled during 1999–2014. [The CDC’s 1,309-word report, published August 10, 2018, uses the term “opioid use disorder” 39 times. The report contains no instances of the words “addict” or “addiction.” – Editor]

FDA: “FDA takes new steps to encourage the development of novel medicines for the treatment of opioid use disorder, 8/6/2018 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued new scientific recommendations aimed at encouraging more widespread innovation and development of novel medication-assisted treatment (MAT) drugs for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD). New draft guidance issued today outlines new ways for drug developers to consider measuring and demonstrating the effectiveness and benefits of new or existing MAT products. [The FDA’s 1,127-word report contains nine uses of the term “opioid use disorder,” three uses of the word “addiction,” and no uses of the word “addict.” – Editor]

Should Donald Trump add “Opioid Use Disorder” to his list of banned terms at the CDC? Comment below. 

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