Parents: Planned Parenthood Failed To Kill Son

Lorie Shaull, CC BY-SA 4.0

Parents wish their son had never been born, seek $765,000 for botched abortion

| ‘Failure to properly supervise and administer the abortion service directly resulted in the failure of the pregnancy termination…’

Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines – A couple is suing Planned Parenthood for its unsuccessful abortion of their now 2-year-old son, citing medical negligence and blaming the company for “the cost of raising an unplanned additional child.”

The couple, Bianca Coons and Cristobal Ruiz, filed suit in a New Mexico district court last week, and said they feared they could not afford to raise an additional child because they were living in “extreme poverty” at the time of the botched abortion.

The already-family of four said they were “destitute and attempting to maintain and limit the size of their family.”

The Coons traveled to New Mexico—more than 700 miles from their home state, Idaho — because the required waiting period in Idaho would have “resulted in the baby being much more advanced in development,” according to the couple’s lawyer.

In Albuquerque, Planned Parenthood abortion providers prescribed a two-pill procedure.

But the next day, after suffering from nausea and dizziness, Bianca Coons discovered that her child was still healthy and that the procedure had failed.

But because Planned Parenthood employees in New Mexico told her they could return to New Mexico and have a second procedure for free, or pay for a new one in Idaho, the couple claims they were “deceived into think that they could come to New Mexico and initiate the abortion and then return to Idaho without losing access to ‘Planned Parenthood Services,’” according to the lawsuit.

“The fetus had now developed to somewhere around nine weeks. Ms. Coons could not morally sanction further action to terminate the fetus,” the lawsuit reads, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

When the couple declined a second procedure, Planned Parenthood warned the Coons that the abortive pill could cause serious birth defects.

Several months later, the Coons’ son was born a month early with “jaundice and blood sugar issues,” and the family believes he “may carry a defect or injury into adulthood.”

“The defendant’s failure to properly supervise and administer the abortion service directly resulted in the failure of the pregnancy termination which resulted in injury to plaintiffs’ interests in family planning and their interests in financial planning for the future of their family,” the lawsuit says.


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