Places Alien Diseases Are Least Likely To Ever Reach

“It’s like an insurance policy. You hope that you never need to use it, but if disaster strikes, then the strategy needs to have been in place ahead of time.”

Oct 3, 2019

NEWSWEEK – In the event of a global pandemic threatening mankind with extinction, Australia and New Zealand would be the best safe havens where humans could survive and eventually repopulate the planet, scientists have said.

“Discoveries in biotechnology could see a genetically-engineered pandemic threaten the survival of our species,” Nick Wilson, from the University of Otago, said in a statement.

Wilson and his colleague Matt Boyd developed a scoring system that looked at island nations and their potential as a safe haven if a global pandemic struck.

They looked at how accessible each island was and what resources would be available to make it self sufficient …

Pandemics in the past have killed tens of millions. In the Middle Ages, the bubonic plague is estimated to have killed over half of the population of Europe. Just a century ago, the Spanish Flu infected 500 million people killed an estimated 50 million.

With global travel now a standard part of society—in 2017 over four billion people took a flight—researchers say a new disease could also spread across the planet easily.

So where to go when a global pandemic strikes? Boyd and Wilson looked at 20 island states with no land borders and with populations above 250,000.

They found the best place was Australia because of its “vast oversupply of energy and food” …

The island nations best for surviving a global pandemic, from best to worst, are as follows:

Boyd said humans—with modern technology—have the potential to inadvertently release a disease that could kill millions …  Read more. 

Our take: we like the first three nations on the list. Australia and New Zealand have modern cultures and advanced economies. Iceland is a relatively short flight from the northeastern U.S. Countries in the Carribean would also be promising candidates, though we would avoid Cuba and Jamaica due to their relatively weak economies and political instability. Another great option – Canada, a relatively easy drive, within two tanks of gas for tens of millions of Americans. – Headline Health