Parkinson’s Tremors Stop Suddenly When Doctor Does THIS

(Melanie Dadourian, FOX NEWS) A Parkinson’s patient lived an incredible moment when doctors were able to stop the severe tremors she had endured for the last seven years.

Surgeons in India were able to cut into the woman’s brain while she was awake and cut a key pathway, instantly stopping the involuntary movements.

The 67-year-old suffered from shaking in her arms and legs so severe that she and her family were barely able to sleep at night.

“Precision is the key operational word,” Dr. Sharon Srinivasan told reporters.

The neurosurgeon said the patient remains free of tremors thanks to the procedure called a thalamotomy.

“These tremors do not respond very well to medicines, so to get the precise ‘spot’ during surgery is ‘critical’ to get near-perfect results,” Srinivasan explained. Read the full story at Fox News. 


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