Parents Who Raise Kids Vegan May Face Prosecution

In a lesson ostensibly about healthy eating, this child was served food on a pointed bamboo skewer. The banana slice is unpeeled, risking the chance that germs may have been spread from the outside of the peel to the inner flesh by the knife. San José Public Library, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Yahoo! News – Doctors in Belgium have called for parents who raise their children as vegans to face prosecution after a number of deaths in schools, nurseries, and hospitals.

It is estimated that 3 percent of Belgian children are forced to follow the strict diet, which rules out any animal products, including dairy and eggs.

The Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium published a legal opinion on Thursday, which could influence future court judgments and is the first time a health authority has taken a position on veganism in the country.

The opinion said it was unethical to subject children to the diet because it didn’t include animal proteins and vital amino acids which can help growth and prevent health problems.

The vegan diet could only be made safe for growing children if complemented with medical supervision, regular blood tests, and vitamin supplements, which most parents were not qualified to provide.

“We must explain to the parents before compelling them,” said Professor Georges Casimir, who led the commission that wrote the report, “but we can no longer tolerate this endangerment.”

“This restrictive regime requires ongoing monitoring of children to avoid deficiencies and often irreversible growth delays,” the legal opinion said, “It is unsuitable for unborn children, children, teenagers, and pregnant and lactating women.”

“It is not medically recommended and even forbidden to subject a child, especially during periods of rapid growth, to a potentially destabilizing diet, requiring frequent supplementation and control,” it said.

“This concept of nutrition is similar to a form of treatment that it is not ethical to impose on children.”

The opinion was published after a request by Bernard Devos, a regional government official responsible for children’s rights and protection in Brussels and the French-speaking region of Wallonia.

Mr. Devos asked for the opinion after children suffered health complications, including a number of deaths … Read more. 


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