Ardent Football Fans Warned of Stroke, Heart Attack Risks

National warning issued ahead of the Big Game 

Over-eating while simultaneously stressing over a big game could trigger a heart attack, warn national health authorities.

(Headline Health) The word fan is short for ‘fanatic.’

It turns out that some sports enthusiasts are so fanatical about their favorite teams as to place their health – and their lives – in jeopardy.

So don’t let today’s big Super Bowl celebration get the best of you.

U.S. football fans can learn something from fans of “real football” – soccer. 

Below we bring you the urgent public health warning issued ahead of a big game last fall in one of the most sports-obsessed nations in the Western Hemisphere, Argentina.

Headline Health suggests these additional tips for enjoying the game today without a lot of regrets tomorrow:

  • No booze after halftime. With a full day of pre-game festivities, it’s probably wise to switch to soft drinks, water, or Gatorade somewhere around the first Two Minute Warning.
  • Get a designated driver, watch the game at home, or download the Uber app before Justin Timberlake wraps up his halftime show. Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive.
  • Speaking of the Two Minute Warning, don’t wait until halftime to avail yourself of the rest room. Chances are, everyone else at your Super Bowl gathering is making a bee-line for the b-room during that first Pepsi commercial after the first half.

To avoid even more serious Big Game health hazards, check out the wise advise below …


(BIENSPORTS) Reports from Argentina indicate that the nation’s Health Ministry is advising soccer fans to take special care of their cardiovascular health ahead of Tuesday’s nail-biting showdown with arch-rival Ecuador.

Tensions have never been higher in Argentina ahead of a do-or-die World Cup qualifier, and the government is afraid more than a few people might keel over from the strain.

Lionel Messi and his teammates take on Ecuador on Tuesday in the final clash of the South American campaign, with only a win guaranteed to seal a place in the play-offs.

And just in case the pressure gets too much for the armchair supporter, Argentina’s Health Ministry has already prepared instructions over how to avoid heart trouble during the big game.

Avoid Sugar and Booze

“The passion with which one watches a game can lead to people with a history of heart troubles suffering strokes or heart attacks,” the report begins.

“The emotional stress that a penalty shoot-out or a decisive goal can cause is potentially capable of increasing the risk of heart problems.”

The Ministry recommends that certain foods and drinks should be avoided in order to lower risks.

Sugary or alcoholic drinks are out, as are fatty foods and mozzarella cheese. Instead, fans are encouraged to prepare “oven-baked potatoes or sweet potatoes” and opt for breadsticks or carrot sticks over salt-laden potato chips.

Fans are also urged to take “active pauses” during the game, standing up, moving their arms and legs and walking around at half-time. (Based on a report by Bienports; read the full article here.)

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