‘Overly Amorous Couples’ Suffer Record Number Of Odd Injuries

Four-fold increase in sex related injuries …

(Alexandra Thompson, Daily Mail) The number of middle-aged men requiring treatment for sex injuries has quadrupled in just five years, a leading osteopath warns.

Showering together seemed like a fabulous idea, until this happened.

Slipping in the shower is the main cause of such accidents as couples are becoming increasingly adventurous, resulting in wrist fractures, ankle sprains and even hernias, according to Stephen Makinde, clinical director of a London pain and rehabilitation clinic.

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Around 80 per cent of the non-sporting injuries Makinde treats are caused by overly amorous couples, a spike he believes is due to people being less ashamed to admit their sexual experiences, rather than blaming their injuries on ‘DIY or fishing’.

Makinde said: ‘Honesty can make the difference between someone being treated for two or three weeks, or being treated just once or twice to completely resolve a condition.

Mr Makinde said: ‘We’ve noticed a real increase in sex-related injuries.

“It used to be that injuries associated with sexual activity used to account for a small percentage of the non-sporting cases we treated – around 20 per cent. But in the last five years that’s now increased to around 80 per cent.

“Most patients are middle-aged males, roughly in their mid 50s, but we do see women who’ve experienced such injuries, too.

“And while the reasons for the spike aren’t immediately clear, it’s certainly something to be aware of if you do enjoy a healthy sex life.

He said: “When it comes to sex, we see everything from neck injuries to wrist fractures, ankle sprains and, of course, back problems. Hernias are common, too, close to where the adductor muscles of the pelvic region become strained.”

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