OUCH! Don’t Do This When Trimming Down There

(HEADLINE HEALTH) Whether you’re a woman prepping for a day at the beach or a guy in need of some man-scaping, these tips can give you the results you’re looking for without any nicks or razor burn where you want them least.

Never Do THIS When Removing Pubic Hair

(Liivi Hess, ALTERNATIVE DAILY) A study found that 25 percent of adults have suffered at least one grooming-related injury.

Of all the options for beach-worthy grooming, one is fast, safe, and creates the look you’re going for. IMAGE: Robert, CC

This is by no means confined to women.

The study reported “common areas for grooming-related injury for men were the scrotum, penis and pubis”, while women experienced injuries on their pubis, inner thigh and vagina.

But short of letting it turn into a jungle down there, how do you avoid a self-induced pubic injury?

Waxing: leave this one to the professionals

Beautician Sam Marshall has seen her fair share of self-administered waxings go horribly wrong.

“They usually don’t know how to apply it, or which way to pull it. You can tear your skin, both the labia and the scrotum can tear quite easily.”

With DIY waxing out of the question, our options are narrowed.


Unlike the garden hedge, there are sensitive blood-filled body parts down there. Scissors will slice right through skin and flesh.


Shaving ensures total removal of pubic hair, has your parts looking squeaky clean for whoever might glance in their direction, and is something you’re very familiar with. But you’re probably also familiar with ingrown hairs, rashes, irritation the next day. Shaving is far from ideal.

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams seem safer. You simply slather on the cream, wait a few minutes, then wash it off. It almost seems too good to be true, and in fact it is. These chemicals can soak into your skin, cause burns and allergic reactions, and leave a lingering smell.

Electric trimmers

Of all the methods, electric trimmers are by far the safest. They’re easy to use, they have safety guards that prevent you from cutting yourself. They’re fast and can trim your pubic hair super short so that it looks tidy and tantalizing, but the skin doesn’t get irritated. Read the full story at ALTERNATIVE DAILY. Bikini image, Stinkie Pinkie, CC.