This ONE Thing Reduces Heart Disease, Anxiety, Sleepless Nights

Slow down your aging by doing this one thing … 

(PREVENTION) It is well known that this one thing is a risk factor for chronic inflammation, heart disease, and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Reduce heart disease and slow the aging process by taking control of your stress.

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We also know it also contributes to sleep problems and that chronic inflammation is associated with not getting enough rest.

Reduce your stress and all these problems diminish – literally overnight

Now studies have shown that stressful life events (divorce, employment problems, illness, and bereavement) also contribute to the aging process, specifically because stress is associated with telomere shortening.


Fortunately, some stress-reducing techniques may help you slow down the aging process.

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A recently published study sought out stressed-out people to study the effect of stress-reducing techniques.

They found them in the form of 35 unemployed adults who were job-hunting.

Volunteers were taught either a mindfulness meditation technique or a relaxation technique and were assessed at the outset of the study and again 4 months later.

The relaxation training made no difference, but those who decreased their stress through mindfulness meditation exhibited lower stress hormone levels by the end of the study period.

Mindfulness meditation techniques are simple to learn and appear to be very effective in reducing stress and enhancing sleep.

A new comprehensive review of randomized controlled trials based on over 1,600 participants has found that mindfulness meditation increased telomerase activity (which can protect against premature aging), and improved immunity.

Researchers theorize that exposing a dysfunctional or hypersensitive immune system to mindfulness meditation could improve health by enhancing immune defenses that protect against infection as well as various age-related conditions, including heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, frailty, and some cancers.

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