Once-“Sacred” U.S. City Now One Giant Sh!thole

$400,000 to scrub homeless filth in city once deemed sacred 

Fox News – Leaders in the U.S. city named for the sacrament of Holy Communion are poised to spend $400,000 to pick up trash and human waste at homeless encampments.

Sacramento, California City Council approved funds to hire employees and trash disposal equipment, including a Gator-style vehicle to clean up human waste.

Work will focus on the downtown and River District.

Human filth is city-wide; $400,000 is just the beginning

“If we’re going to clean up one place, we should clean up everywhere in the city, not just downtown,” said Councilman Larry Carr, who abstained after saying he wanted crews to pick up trash in all parts of the city.

Emily Halcon, coordinator of the city’s homeless services, said more funding would be needed.

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Meanwhile in San Francisco, leaders created “poop patrols” to clean up human waste as the city grapples with an increasing homeless population.

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