Is Olympic Virus Outbreak a North Korea Bio Attack?

(Robert Herriman, Outbreak News) There has been a norovirus outbreak in PyeongChang, with the latest official case count at 139.

How is it linked to North Korea and why is it being questioned? Is Norovirus a bioterrorism agent?

The author of an article from the Sunday Express in the UK writes:

“Mr Kim (director of the Korean CDC) said: “In order to stop the further outbreak of the virus, we’re quarantining patients beginning from the diagnosis to the treatment. We’re going to minimise this outbreak.”

Is it true that a North Korean bio-attack is behind this crippling bug?

Outbreak News Today reached out to bioterrorism researcher Lawrence Roberge PhD:

“I do not think it holds water …

“The more serious issue is that evidence has surfaced that NK has smallpox as well as the technology for anthrax. Norovirus would debilitate the edge for the athlete, but depending on when it arose, they could perhaps shake it off …

“Furthermore, many parts of the world have norovirus outbreaks. Even in my state – Massachusetts – norovirus is at epidemic levels, along with the flu.”  Read the full story at OUTBREAK NEWS.


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