Olivia Newton-John Will Be Remembered For This

Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0

Dec. 10, 2019 |

Reuters – The buyer of Olivia Newton John’s famous leather “Grease” jacket has returned it to the singer and donated the $243,000 he spent to her cancer treatment center in Australia.

“The odds of beating a recurring cancer using the newest emerging therapies is 1,000-fold greater than someone appearing out of the blue, buying your most famous and cherished icon, and returning it to you,” the buyer told the actress as he presented her with the jacket at a meeting in California last weekend.

The British-born, Australian-raised performer, 71, said earlier this year she is battling breast cancer for a third time.

The buyer of the jacket called himself the singer’s “No. 1 fan” and wished Newton-John “God speed for a quick recovery.”

The singer said she would put the jacket on display at the Melbourne cancer center.

“As a breast cancer survivor, Olivia has become increasingly well known and respected for talking openly about her battle with breast cancer and for promoting public awareness of the importance of early detection. Her personal victory against cancer led [to] the creation of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The Centre will provide a comprehensive range of services and facilities for cancer treatment, education, training and research.” – Look To The Stars

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