This farm family has deep faith in God for health, crops

Facing down an aggressive form of breast cancer

(BRYAN PAINTER, THE OKLAHOMAN) It was the summer of 2006. A guest in the Mullers’ farm house near here sat at the kitchen table visiting with Matt Muller.

PHOTO: Spend A Day Touring, LLC, CC

Within a few minutes, wife Kellie, then 31 years old, entered the room.

In her arms was a stack of freshly laundered towels. While the towels were neatly folded, it would appear her life was coming unraveled — unless you know Kellie Muller. She was bald.

The smile was just as warm as the towels she had taken from the dryer, but her thick brownish/black hair was gone.

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In the middle of wheat harvest, she had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. A large tumor was removed. She had a double mastectomy and had finished her third chemotherapy treatment a few days earlier.

On that summer morning in 2006, Kellie sat down at the table and told the visitor, “It was tough initially. It’s kinda like farming, when you can’t control the rain, and this is something you can’t control. That’s when you have to totally rely on Jesus for daily strength, especially around the kids.”

Matt and Kellie Muller are nearly 11 years down the road from that day, and as always, they are up to their hearts in farming. They have a daughter Taylor, 21, son Levi, 20, son Luke, 18 and son Lincoln, 16. Kellie’s typical day on the farm may include anything from picking up parts in town to helping repair something, driving trucks, driving tractors, irrigating, record keeping, preparing meals or animal husbandry. She could be tasked with financial decisions and crop decisions, such as to fertilize, to spray or to water.  READ THE FULL STORY AT THE OKLAHOMAN