NOT Making Your Bed Can Actually Boost Your Health

It may be best to leave your bed unmade …

(BROOKE NELSON, READERS DIGEST) The reason is dust mites. These little critters feed on dead human skin and produce allergens that you could inhale in your sleep.

Scientists: ‘don’t make your  bed, just sleep in it.’ Photo by DieterRobbins (Pixabay)

And approximately 1.5 million dust mites are spending the night with you right now.

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Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to get rid of them: Don’t make your bed.

Researchers at Kingston University have found that bugs thrive in warm, moist environments but can’t survive in dry conditions.

While making your bed every morning cultivates a humid habitat for these creepy crawlies, keeping your sheets open kills them off.

“We know that mites can only survive by taking in water from the atmosphere using small glands on the outside of their body,” Dr. Stephen Pretlove told the BBC.

“Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so the mites will dehydrate and die.” READ FULL STORY AT READERS DIGEST. Also of interest: Sleeping In a Cold Room Is Better for Your Health